Practice areas

Company law

The law firm ADLEX provides legal advice on the matters of acquisition of companies, sales, incorporation, merging, restructuring, reorganization, liquidation of companies, prepares documents necessary for execution of the abovementioned procedures, as well as other documents necessary for the activities of companies, makes legal audit of company activities, represents shareholders at shareholders‘ meetings, courts, arbitration, prepares share sale and purchase contracts, share subscription and shareholder contracts, represents investors in privatization procedures (including aid in preparation of the application for taking part in privatization procedure, negotiations in respect of the privatization deal, privatization agreement and preparation of other documentation).

Energy projects

ADLEX advices on the matters of power energy sector where renewable sources of energy are used: licenses, issuance of the permits required for the respective activities, implementation of the requirements stated in legal acts which must be fulfilled in order to pursue or seek to pursue respective activity. Also, we provide counsel on mergers and acquisitions, contracts and agreements for the companies acting in the energy sector.

Restructuring and insolvency

The Law firm ADLEX provides legal advice to the customers on the matters of starting, execution and observance of insolvency procedures, represents the interests of creditors in creditors‘ meetings, creditors‘ committees and courts, represents creditors, shareholders and other interested parties during bankruptcy procedures, provides legal advice to the assignee in bankruptcy, represents companies under bankruptcy at courts in solving nullity of deals and in other cases, prepares documents for extrajudicial and judicial bankruptcy procedures. 
Also, ADLEX lawyers specialize in corporate restructuring procedures. ADLEX specialists assist in preparing for, starting the restructuring, drafting a persuasive restructuring plan for the court and creditors and carry out any other legal steps required for successful implementation of the restructuring process.

Pharmaceutical law

ADLEX provides conclusions, prepares offers regarding draft legal acts, pricing of pharmaceuticals, regulation of prices of reimbursed and non-reimbursed medicines, licensing of pharmaceutical activities and advertising.

Public-private partnership

Law Firm ADLEX offer advices regarding PPP (Public-private partnership). Legal consultations on preparation documents for tenders, assessment of published terms and conditions of a tender, guarantee of compliance of a bid to terms and conditions of a tender, collection of necessary documents, explanation of terms and conditions of a tender, appealing, preparation and submission of a bid, representation in relations with concession authority or a tenderer, incorporation of consortiums, regulation of mutual relations between members of the consortium, dispute settlement, negotiations in regards to drawing up concession and other agreements, analysis of effective legal acts and drafts in the field of PPP and submission of offers to state and municipal authorities. Preparation of PPP agreements, supervision of performance thereof, incorporation of special management companies, transfer of rights and obligations under PPP agreements. Judicial disputes in relation to documents of PPP tenders, tender procedures, decisions made by concession authority.

Tax law and tax disputes

Services provided by the law form ADLEX in the area of tax law cover advice to the customers on all matters of tax law. Expertise of our team enables us not just providing qualified advice on the matters of tax planning and optimization but also making analysis of the Customer‘s activities and their taxation efficiency analysis, suggesting the customers to rearrange the form of activities so that the most optimal tax regime, which corresponds to activities of the Customer, is found.
Lawyers of the law firm ADLEX successfully represent the interests of customers in tax disputes for over seven years. Representation service covers not just representation of the interests of the customer at courts, but also at the stage when tax administrator performs tax inspection or examination. Giving timely and reasonable remarks to the tax administrator, who has performed the inspection, allows expecting faster and positive resolution of the tax dispute, which is frequently finalized by signing amicable agreement in respect of a tax rate. Expertise of our team allows us to state that protection of the interests of our customer in a tax dispute assessment may be and is realistic.

Public procurements

Law Firm ADLEX renders following services to the private sector: advices to suppliers on assessment of procurement documents, contestation of terms and conditions of a tender, legal advices in regards to compliance of suppliers’ bids with requirements of a tender, representation of clients in relations with purchasing organization, in negotiations regarding public procurement agreements, preparation of claims, representation in litigation disputes related to public procurements; as well as services to the public sector: rendering of legal aid on issues of structuring of a public tender and selection of the proper procurement procedure, preparation of documents for a tender and administration of process thereof, assessment of qualification of tenderers, replies to claims and drawing up agreements.

Intellectual property

Law Firm ADLEX offers advices on copyright and subsidiary rights, trade marks, patents, commercial secrets, designs, inventions and other issues related to intellectual property. Preparation of copyright and licence agreements, registration of agreements on trade marks, patents, designs, Internet-sites in the Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania. Clients’ representation in relations with state authorities and in courts on settlement of disputes related to protection of intellectual and industrial property.

Media and marketing

Law Firm ADLEX renders legal aid to companies operating in fields of public relations, media channels, publishing, mass media and advertising services, film-making and event management activities. Furthermore, offers advices on legal issues in regards to intellectual property, mass media and communications, agreements on records, publishing, sponsorship, licensing and distribution, partnership, joint ownership and other cooperation agreements, prepares all types of agreements, supervises execution thereof and settles disputes. Renders consultations on marketing campaigns, advertising and briefing, in regards to potential disputes with supervising authorities. Represents clients in the Republic of Lithuania Competition Council, State Tobacco and Alcohol Control Agency, Equal Opportunities Ombudsman Office, State Consumer Rights Protection Authority and other authorities.

IT law

ADLEX renders legal services in the field of electronic commerce, offering clients advices on legal issues arising in the course of administration of Internet-sites and legal assessment of standard terms and conditions and privacy policy used in Internet-sites. 
Furthermore, ADLEX offers advices on legal protection of domain names and methods of protection in cases of illegal use of Internet names.

Commercial and contractual law

ADLEX lawyers represent clients in negotiations in regards to drawing up agreements, prepare draft agreements and draw up agreements, offer advices regarding performance of agreements, analysis of agreements. Legal aid in regards to agreements on lease, contract, commission, distribution, production, franchise and other agreements related to activities conducted by a legal entity.

Real estate and construction law

Practical expertise of ADLEX lawyers cover preparation of agreements in respect of assignment of property, acquisition of property, lease, sub-lease, loan-for-use and other types of contracts, advice to customers on the matters of real estate and investments, construction of buildings (structures), representation of customers in negotiations in respect of deals relating to real estate, also at national and local administration institutions, courts, arbitration, permits, certificates, references of the legal proceedings relating to acquisition of real estate. 
Our lawyers prepare construction, design and other work contracts in line with both terms and conditions of national statutory acts and FIDIC contracts, tender dossiers for selecting a contractor and other construction partners, represent customers in disputes arising out of or in connection with legal relations of the contract.
The Law firm provides legal advice on the matters of general, detailed and special planning, represents the interests of customers in obtaining planning conditions upon concluding agreements while assigning rights and obligations of the planning organizer, during discussion of the documentation on a public territory plan.
Our lawyers have gained solid experience of legal representation in settlement of disputes regarding construction permits, validity of acts of acknowledgement of constructions proper for use, as well as validity of decisions made by state and municipal authorities performing procedures for territory planning and coordination of projects.

Administrative law

ADLEX successfully advises clients on different issues of the administrative law and procedure, represents clients in administrative procedures, when appealing actions of authorities, as well as in administrative cases and on appealing results of public procurement procedures.

Customs law

The law firm ADLEX provides advice in the area of customs law. Expertise of our team enables providing advice not just in the area of execution of procedures of customs duties, correct customs processing, and taxation but also representing the interests of customers in disputes with customs offices of the Republic of Lithuania. Experience shows that not always customs offices of the Republic of Lithuania duly impose taxes on merchandises imported to the Republic of Lithuania; there are a number of cases when procedural provisions of statutory acts are being violated, customs officers misuse given overpowering authorizations, therefore representing the interests of the customers and trying to settle the dispute in an amicable way we represent the customer in negotiations with customs offices, prepare comments and pleas to the claims of customs offices, represent the customer not just at courts but also in other national institutions.


ADLEX renders legal services to insurers – legal consultations on conduction of insurance activities in the Republic of Lithuania, representation of the insurer’s interests in the Insurance Supervisory Commission of the Republic of Lithuania on issues of both conduction of activities and liability and disputes with the insured. Preparation of and amendments to insurance regulations, standard and individual insurance contracts, rendering assistance in obtaining insurance licenses for separate types of insurance. Representation of the insurer’s interests in relations with the insured, third parties, and settlement of disputes in the court. Regulation of re-insurance relations. Rendering of any legal services related to day-to-day operations of the insurance company. 
Rendering of legal services to the insured – representation in disputes arising out of insurance contracts, analysis of insurance contracts, amendments thereto. Representation of interests in the state insurance supervisory authority and courts.

Transport law

The law firm ADLEX provides legal services to the customers on the matters relating to transportation of cargoes by road, sea and air transport, also services relating to the cargo delivery. Practical expertise of the Law firm covers provision of advice on the matters of legal regulations covering this type of activities (including carrier liability, liability insurance, cargo insurance, customs clearance procedures, forfeight of merchandises, seizure and etc.), preparation of loading, storage, transportation agreements, preparation of claims in respect of inadequate quality of the cargoes, its shortages, delayed delivery, exaction of freight or other payments. 

Competition law

The Law firm ADLEX provides advice on the matters of prohibited agreements, concentration control, abuse of dominant position, unfair competition, and comparative and misleading advertising, unlawful state aid, represents customers in disputes arising out of or in connection with legal relations at the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania and courts.

Family and inheritance law

The Law firm ADLEX provides legal advice on the matters of property and non-property rights of spouses, divorces, separations, child or spouse support, adoption, inheritance and other matters. Practical activities of the Law firm in the area of family and inheritance law cover preparation of full range of agreements (marriage, divorce and etc.), representation of customers in litigations arising out of and in connection with family and inheritance relations.

Criminal law

Defence and representation of clients in criminal proceedings, preparation of service documents.

Legal proceedings and arbitration

Law Firm ADLEX offers to clients the qualified legal aid in settlement of disputes of different characters at the stage of prejudicial consideration and in all judicial instances. Practical activities of our lawyers include preparation of all service documents, consultations on litigation in regards to strategy and procedure, representation in courts in the course of consideration of a civil, administrative, labour, tax and criminal cases, consultations on issues related to the commercial arbitration, as well as representation of clients in the international and local commercial arbitration, representation in recognition and enforcement of judgements adopted by foreign courts and arbitrations in Lithuania and judgement of Lithuanian courts and arbitrations abroad.
Furthermore, ADLEX organizes conciliation procedures, intermediary and other alternative procedures for settlement of disputes.

Sports law

The Law firm ADLEX provides legal advice on the matters of sports clubs and other sports organizations, prepares sports contracts, provides legal services in resolution of disputes at courts of Lithuania and other foreign states, and represents customers in relations with national and international organizations arising out of or in connection with sports activities.